Viktor Pelevin – Operation Burning Bush

Pelevin- Operation Burning-BushLast night I sat down and in a couple of hours I read the first story from Pelevin’s new book “Pineapple Water for a Beautiful Lady”. Consider this (sat down and read) the first compliment to the work.

And today, in just an hour and a half, I retold “Operation” Burning Bush “in detail to my wife, who generally does not like Pelevin. She was interested. These are compliments number two, three and four.

Now let’s move on to criticism :)

I have been reading Pelevin for 11 years. During this time, Pelevin, as an author and generator of ideas, I already perfectly understood and perceived as much as possible (as I understood Akunin, Doctor House and rock and roll before). In fact, one could put this book aside and not read any of the subsequent ones. And nothing terrible, no gigantic loss would have happened, but on the contrary, much needed time would have been freed up. But for some reason I’m sure I won’t. That learning new things in this world, I will periodically return to the long-comprehended, as in my home, where it is warm and cozy.

You may not read further.

Then I will admire the well-thought-out scheme of the fall of Levitan (the hero of the story), brag about the fact that I read the “Rose of the World” and wonder how Pelevin guessed that for the last half a year I have only been reading about religion and his book will be just “in the subject “. Everybody.

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