Tourist – Jolie and Depp in one … Venice

Tourist is a bad movie with Jolie and DeppI usually try not to read other people’s reviews before I write about the film myself. This time, I specifically climbed into the Internet to understand whether the film “Tourist” seemed to me alone to be extremely uninteresting. And yes – sales statistics and a few reviews say that the movie is a failure.I even got the impression that all the hype around the potential affair between Jolly and Depp and their jealous spouses was raised specifically to somehow increase public interest in a hopeless film.Of course, Angelina Jolie in this film demonstrates beautiful makeup and a majestic half-smile “I know my worth”, Depp surprises with his unusual fullness, and Venice crushes with the image of the most romantic city. But these attractions are not enough to keep the viewer’s attention for more than 10 minutes.It does not even smell of emotional tension (a thriller in the spirit of Hitchcock!), there is no dynamism of the plot, star actors are used inefficiently. It even became interesting to me, whose failure is this – the director or the producers? Who convinced whom that “Tourist” should be removed?Right during the film’s climactic scene, my neighbors had a heated discussion about why Venice was built in the water. This speaks volumes.Finally, a small selection of spectator-engaging phrases from the film’s announcements in the press:

  • The promised erotic scenes increase interest in the film.
  • Not every director succeeds in getting two such stars in his film, so critics expect the film to be an incredible success.
  • At the premiere, Brad wore a Burberry coat with a sheepskin collar.
  • two of our favorites starred in the film – Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. These two are the most desirable and highly paid actors on the planet, which means that any film with their participation is doomed to success, and the thriller “Tourist” is unlikely to be an exception.
  • Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck (director’s full name – sounds very respectable in my opinion).

P.S. on the movie search they write that it was the producers who talked Donnersmarck to take on this movie . He himself claims that he was persuaded by Angelina Jolie. In any case, he bought it in vain.P.P.S. I looked at the Russian trailer for “Tourist” – it’s a completely different thing – lively and with humor! It was the trailer that should have been released.

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