Vlad Malenko – Cheese fell out

the cheese fell out - vlad malenko's fables If anyone doesn’t know, Vlad Malenko writes fables (and also plays in the theater and talks on TV. I listened to the audio collection of his fables “The Cheese Fell Out” and was surprisingly imbued.
I used to think that fables are a dull and irrelevant thing. Now I began to understand this genre a little better and even singled out the two main secrets of popularity for the fabulist

  • Firstly, he should write on current, topical topics
  • secondly, like almost any poetry, fables are much better “assimilated” if they are listened to rather than read. Accordingly, for popularity, not large circulations are needed, but the ability to go mouth to mouth”, which requires the already mentioned topicality. Naturally, no one canceled the harmony and lightness of the syllable.

As an experiment, I found on the net and skimmed through the fable “Skinhead Hedgehogs”.

Muffled by the stump of mopeds
Skinhead hedgehogs gathered
Friend, shaving off needles from a friend
Become angry like wolves
And decided among themselves
Give the raccoons a fight to the death!

Neither warm nor cold… And the same words performed by Yuri Shevchuk thoroughly lifted my spirits and even remembered! Poems must be heard.

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