Youtube – time link

Youtube - ссылка на время

Let’s say you decide to share a cool video on Youtube with your friends. But here’s the bad luck – the most interesting moment is somewhere in the middle of the clip, surrounded on all sides by unbearable rotten stuff. It turns out there is a solution – you can send them a link by which the video will open immediately at the right place. Exactly at the right time.
To make such a link for a certain time (for example, at the 62nd second of the video), you need to add #t=62 to the regular YouTube link

And if you want to set the built-in Youtube player for a certain time (for example, to embed a video in your blog), then you need to use another parameter &start=62
Where 62 means the 62nd second of the video we need.

And now, actually, we will check up in practice. The guinea pig today will be a video of a certain K.T. Mitchell. As I understand it, she came to Nepal to learn the local language (Nepali) and fell in love with the national cuisine so much that she composed a song about Dal-bat (a traditional dish of rice, lentils and vegetables).
Look at the player. Although the timer at the bottom shows 0:00/4:08 (i.e. zero position), but the rewind slider is exactly at the 62nd second of the video.

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