And the winner is…

победителем стал

Imagine, there is a final of some television competition. A beautiful presenter hovers on the stage in the rays of everyone’s attention. She opens the cherished envelope with the name of the winner and pronounces the magic formula “And the winner is …” (became the winner). At the moment when, after a dramatic pause, she says the name of the winner, the cameraman shows us his close-up. We see the change of emotions on the face of the lucky man, he successively turns pale, blushes, kisses his companion and on shaking legs makes his way to the stage…

Attention, question!
How did the operator know where to aim? Was he told the name of the winner a little earlier than the envelope was opened on stage?

Of course, there is nothing criminal in this, and you cannot even call such a maneuver out of the ordinary. We are already grown-up boys, we know what editing, photoshop and product placement are.
But curiosity has not been canceled!

So, my curiosity was enough to start watching a couple of recordings from the Oscars. It turned out that a whole platoon of operators works there and they take aim at all applicants
at the same time and at the moment of the announcement, we see their faces side by side, on the same screen.

And when distributing the Golden Globes, the moment of interest to us (the winner hears his name) is not shown at all – they immediately proceed to a thank-you speech from the stage. and the winners often sit somewhere in the depths. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are usually caught in the frame already on the way to the stage.

So, the plot described in the first paragraph is my invention? Where did I get it from?

P.S. trying to make life easier for the readers of this post, I learned how to do link to the time in Youtube.

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