Pause value

Pause button When you read a Real Book or watch a Real Movie, it happens that you really want to stop. Pause the movie/book and take a breather. Enjoy your experiences, consider them, and maybe even admire yourself. Excellent picture: “I am spiritualized.” Such a state is not a sin to remember. Feeling uplifted, knowing that you are capable of it can come in handy in a difficult situation. After all, this is how you can train.My martial arts teacher said that you can practice punches not only in the gym, but also in your imagination. If you really concentrate, the sense of such a motionless workout will be no less than from actually waving your arms. Thus, you can significantly save time and effort – you do not have to go anywhere to train. Do it even in the subway, even at your desk.Jean Baptist Greuze - Schoolboy sleeping with a book Let’s try to draw an analogy. If you carefully study and remember the palette of impressions caused by a work of art, then in order to re-immerse yourself in them, you will no longer need to re-play the plot (re-read the book, watch the movie again and again). In a world where information overload goes hand in hand with perpetual time pressure, such a skill would be very useful.No, I understand, “The Irony of Fate” is a very good film and it can be reviewed and reviewed. But every year there are more and more good films and books. It is in childhood that we can afford the tradition of listening to “Little Red Riding Hood” every evening for 3 years …Something pulled me away. Initially, I wanted to hint that the more often you put the book aside and immerse yourself in thoughts, the work is “cooler” (and not worse, as is commonly thought).

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