Nepal travel calendar

stone calendar or sacred stonesIn order not to get confused by the names and dates, in this post I publish a summary table. Where and when we were, how far we went, what we saw. From here, later, I will make links to a detailed description of each day of travel in Nepal.For starters, some statistics: in 33 days of travel, we covered 368 kilometers on foot and 14,621 kilometers in various vehicles.The table turned out to be just gigantic, be patient if you plan to view it in full.

Day Route section Events of the day Kilometers Photo
01 Kyiv, Boryspil, Sharjah heavy backpack, plane, trekking colleagues, travelers’ sex life, long nights at the airport car 40 km, plane 3800 km boryspil airport international terminal
02 Sharjah, Kathmandu, Thamel document photo, obtaining a visa, Nepalese taxi drivers, obtaining permits, returning to a fairy tale, bus tickets airplane 3200 km, taxi 5 km, walk 4 km Katmandu streets
03 Kathmandu, Besisahar, Bhulbhule Nepalese coffee in the morning, riding different buses all day, rafting, missed a stop, rooftop ride, first lodge. bus 160 km in 13 hours riding on top of a bus
04 Bhulbhule, Bahundanda, Syanj beginning of the trek, up the river, jungle all around, schoolchildren singing, overnight at the waterfall, hot shower, moon over the Himalayas 17 km walk in 8 hours warm Nepal
05 Siange, Jagat, Tal road builders, soldiers on the pass, first cold evening, gathering in the canteen 17 km in 9 hours flimsy bridge
06 Tal, Dharapani, Danagyu

towards the caravan, turning to Manaslu, a short radial into a broad-leaved forest, a young chef, huge windows in the room, a sore throat 14 km in 6 hours, radial 2.6 km in 1.5 hours along the narrow path towards the caravan
07 Danagyu, Temang, Chame cold morning, coniferous forest, Annapurna view, agricultural work, horns and hooves, cottage with socket, evening radial on the plateau, shopping, cheap equipment, chatty British 12 km in 5 hours, radial 4 km in 2 hours nepalese store
08 Chame, Bratang, Lower Pisang Gate of Paradise, a flat valley with pine trees, a stuffed vulture, a lodge with a ladder, the first yaks, an evening radial ride to the monastery in Upper Pisang 16 km in 5.5 hours, radial 2.5 km in 2 hours paradise gate
09 Lower Pisang, Humde, Braga shiny Annapurna, rocky wastelands, Nepalese baby, airport, mighty Russians, me on sick leave, evening radial to an old village 13km in 5h, radial 2km in 1.5h Annapurna the Magnificent
10 Braga, Ice Lake Quecho, Braga Radial for the whole day, hard to walk, we are overtaken, lifeless yaks, ringing lake, downhill radial 12.5 km in 8 hours heavy lift
11 Braga, Manang, Khangasar pharmacy and grocery shopping, glacial lake, confluence of rivers, Russian girls, Crimean junipers, lunch on the roof, American Ukrainians from Israel 9.5km in 4.5h, radial 1.5km in 1h sacred stones
12 Khangsar, Tilicho Base Camp (BLT) ice gorges, dragon’s teeth, giant sycamore, cunning Mexicans, international feast on alcohol, Moscow yogi, cold overnight 10 km in 5 hours super sypuha
13 BLT, Lake Tilicho, BLT, Hangsar difficult crossing, wild sheep, endless ascent, heavy legs, snow all around, real icebergs, downhill, tasteless porridge, doping through loose-leaf radial 11 km in 7h, to Hangsar – 9 km in 3h icebergs in the Himalayas
14 Khangsar, Yak-Kharka, Ledar abandoned pastures, a fork at the top, again on the big path, a long search for a place to sleep 11 km in 6h Marsyangdi river valley
15 Ledar, Thorong Phedi, High Camp very early start, cold feet, shadow race, cozy dining room, panoramic hill, gatherings before the assault 7 km in 4 hours sunbathing
16 Hi Camp, Thorong La Pass, Muktinath early start, string of lights, abandoned lodge, twilight bridge, pass euphoria, slip, holy place, Bob Marley and drag queens 13km in 7h, radial 2km in 1.5h beyond Thorong La Pass
17 Muktinath, Kagbeni, Jomsom late autumn, low clouds, desert, Nepalese McDonald’s, road to Mustang kingdom, rain, teapot price, weather forecast 20 km in 6h Yak Donalds in Muktinath
18 Jomsom, Marfa, Tukuche, Tatopani rumpled sheep, planes, endless river, black earth, bus, jeep, palm trees again, evening in the bath on foot – 17 km in 6h, bus and jeep – 28 km in 3h stone desert
19 Tatopani day out, overripe tangerines, shopping, boiled feathers, school, evening swim radial 4 km in 3h Tatopani baths
20 Tatopani, Shikha, Gorepani track again, green fields, apricot blossoms, rhododendron forest, Annapurna sunset, in the cloud 16 km in 9h yellowbrick road
21 Ghorepani, Tadapani, Chomrong like the sea, endless steps, lunch overlooking Machapuchare, monkeys, a quiet evening in the countryside 20km in 10.5h Mount Dhaulagiri in the clouds
22 Chomrong, Bamboo, Himalaya Hotel potatoes, wet jungle, slope of a thousand streams, rain 15 km in 8h jungle bridge
23 Himalaya Hotel, Annapurna Base Camp, Himalaya Hotel, Bambu, Chomrong very early start, in darkness and fog, breath of glaciers, flaming wall, downhill, walking all the way 34 km in 15 hours Annapurna Glacier
24 Chomrong, Naya Pool, Pokhara towards beginners, harvesting, bus to Pokhara, supermarket, hotel search walk 24km in 8.5hrs, bus 27km in 2hrs Mount Machapuchare
25 Pokhara passport office, boat ride, paragliding, kukri knife, luxury restaurant on foot 5km in 3h, by boat 6km in 3h at Lake Feva
26 Pokhara, Chitwan cramped bus, cab attack, village walk, elephant candy bus 120km in 5h, walk 3.5km in 2h Chitwan crossing
27 Chitwan foggy morning, canoe with crocodiles, outing into the jungle, on elephants in the reserve, museum, evening of folk dances. on the nature reserve on an elephant
28 Chitwan, Kathmandu the whole day on the bus, market near the road, GPS search in the city bus 130km in 6.5h, walk 2km in 1h Nepal road
29 Bhaktapur morning capital, Nepalese traffic jams, museum navigation, square mandala, sacred river, piglets, royal square, pottery quarter, cold restaurant bus 40km in 4.5h, walk 10km in 5h Bhaktapur - Royal Square
30 Patan cold morning, taxi, Korean delegation, golden temple, royal square #2, scavengers, crematorium, deer park, Nepalese wedding, around the stupa, search for equipment, dinner at the candy shop taxi 18km in 2h, walk 9km in 8h Boudhanath stupa in Kathmandu
31 Kathmandu Old Town, Dentist Street, Bypassing the Ticket Office, Goddess House, Electronics Avenue, Monkey Temple, Clip Shooting, Souvenir Shopping taxi 7km in 1.5h, walk 6km in 3h house of the living goddess Kumari
32 Kathmandu, Sharjah morning shopping, luggage packing, Himalayas overboard, over the desert, skip to the airport, Ukrainian Indian wedding, comfortable night airplane 3200 km waiting at the airport
33 Sharjah, Kyiv pager from a pizzeria, safety issue, Elbrus, Sochi, clouds over Kyiv airplane 3800 km, car 40 km Elbrus from the airplane window

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