The Silence of the Guitars

Guitar SilenceA couple of days ago I returned from the Carpathians, where I led a winter hike along the route ” White silence”. In my opinion, everything went very well. The weather pleased us with a variety of temperatures (from +5 to -16) and types of precipitation. Well, we adequately responded to nature by demonstrating our incomparable splash protection combined with increased cross-country ability and moral stability. Other participants will write more about the trip (I really hope so), but I promised them to share the captured photos and videos…So, photoalbum of a hike.And the promptly edited video ended up on Youtube.Since, for me personally, the main soundtrack for the “White Silence” campaign was Peter Nalich’s song “Guitar” performed by Vladimir Melnikov (participant of the campaign), the entire campaign was codenamed “Silence of Guitars”. Associations with “Silence of the Lambs” are completely groundless (ha ha ha).But seriously, the guitar, like people, did a great job – it didn’t fall apart from dampness, didn’t break in falls, didn’t burn out in a fire, and didn’t even get hoarse from playing in the cold. The behavior of other elements of equipment and clothing will probably have to be written in a separate article.< embed allowfullscreen="true" allowscriptaccess="always" height="505" src=" "type="application/x-shockwave-flash" width="640"/>

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