Noises behind the scenes

behind the scenes - audio for videoThe video materials accumulated in my personal archive have been waiting for years for me to cut, glue, convert and youtube. And so, this week I finally sat down to master the Adobe Premiere installed back in the summer. In the process, it turned out that a good video clip consists not only of the image, but also of the voice acting. The question arose – where to look for suitable sounds, melodies, etc.?

If the Lord not only created Google Images to search for images, but also prudently placed a link to it on every page of the search engine, then search for sounds did not receive such an honor. Apparently there is not much demand.

At that moment, I was looking for music for video about cars. Something like “Drin-drin-dry-dry-ry-ry-n-melons-melons … Bamtz” was needed. At a direct question, Google stopped short. It turned out to be a happy idea to lower the bar and just look for “Motor Noise”. It turned out that there are several sites with collections of noise. On one of them (, thanks to a convenient search system and the ability to listen to samples online, I and found a suitable “sound”.

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