Dolphinarium Nemo in Kyiv (at VDNKh)

How Harry Potter rescued Santa Claus from underwater captivity… A damn promising start, isn’t it?Dolphinarium Nemo in Kyiv has existed for quite a long time and my child has already been there several times. But I myself went there for the first time, not least in order to shoot a video and write a short note about the performance.I hope you have already watched the video from the dolphinarium and it will greatly simplify my task – to admire everything that happened “in the water” and be upset by what is happening “on land”.


Huge puddles in the parking lot (apparently due to the lack of storm drains). Real seas, only without dolphins and free.- Single door in toilett. By opening it, you open to the world (to all those present in the dolphinarium hall) a wonderful panorama with urinals along the wall. Traditionally, in public toilets, they either put a lock-chamber with two doors (wash basins are usually located there) or install a screen in front of the entrance.- Chlorine smell. He is so strong that it is no wonder he worries about the health of dolphins. After all, they do not have another body of water – they live in this water all the time. How long do they live, that is the question. As far as I know, there were even a number of protests against the barbaric exploitation of dolphins and the opening of new dolphinariums in Ukraine. Yes, yes, Nemo is a network dolphinarium (or maybe a franchise) with halls in Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkov, Donetsk and Berdyansk.- Children’s view. Apparently, the calculation was that the children would fall for any mention of their favorite characters, so Shrek, Spiderman, Batman, SpongeBob, opossums from the Ice Age and a fish from the cartoon about Nemo participate in the show in addition to Harry Potter. These numerous celebrities flashed on the stage before, after and between the performances of the animals. And it’s incredibly similar to annoying ads on TV. Watching it is stupid, and turning it off is too lazy. So I, like a fool, stared at this amateur performance (of extremely low quality) instead of admiring the glare on the water or following the movements of dolphins. As a result, advertising (children’s show) took more time than the performance of dolphins and seals combined. This, in my opinion, is the main drawback of the Harry Potter New Year’s Journey program.- One microphone. The actors had to pass the microphone to each other after each line.

Like it:

Navy seals. Very capable animals. At least compared to the land animals that I saw in circus.- Navy Seal Trainer. He dances wonderfully and constantly smiles (without letting go of the whistle from his mouth).- Dolphins. I was surprised by their strength (we are talking about the number when the trainer makes a circle while standing on the back of one dolphin). I was pleased with their natural visual harmony – I felt it when I edited the video from the performance. After each big number (jump, push, swim), the dolphin easily and gracefully jumped out of the water, not very high, but surprisingly “on time”.By the way, two of the dolphins took part in the performance, and the other two just warmed up with simple tricks under the guidance of the second trainer, Spiderman. This is probably a youngster who is just starting training and getting used to a noisy crowd. Or dolphins work in shifts.

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