Why do teachers prepare for lessons?

The teacher at the blackboard. She knows everything why she get ready?Why do teachers prepare for lessons? They are teachers and they know everything. That’s what I thought as a child.

Now I am a travel instructor. It’s almost like a teacher (physical education, labors and geography at once). And before each lesson (hike) I prepare. Even if I know the route like my own apartment, I review the map, check the points in the GPS, analyze the timing of previous passes along the route, browse the travel forums and make other magical passes.

Is there any practical benefit from this, or is it all just for complacency? Probably, calmness and confidence are quite practical things. So, there is a benefit.

And since we are talking about teachers, why not thank them? During my studies at the school-lyceum-institute, I was lucky to learn from at least 10 really wonderful and memorable teachers. Thank you very much.

Finally, a little gossip from the school world. On the train, I met a history teacher, who said that in schools now prosecutors are conducting a total check – for every “absenteeism” there must be a document (medical certificate, explanatory note from parents, etc.) Checking is like a check, but what does the prosecutor’s office have to do with it ?

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