Birthday of the Invincible Sun

Coca-Cola came up with a red Santa?The radio was playing Christmas carols like “Santa Claus is coming to town” and “Run, Rudolph, run”. In between, the DJ talked about whether Coca-Cola marketing “invented” Santa or vice versa (Santa invented the drink) and other Christmas gossip.

Of course, you can support the topic of gossip and grumble about “But in fact …”: about birthday of Mitra and the Invincible Sun, about not celebrating a birthday and other historical incidents.

But why do this, if it is in our power to choose a different path – to sincerely rejoice. For anything – you can always find a reason: the night is retreating, Christ is born, the Christmas tree has grown, the budget has been accepted, the gifts are packed, the pillow is soft, the coffee is strong, life is beautiful.

Do you know that it was +20 in Crimea today?

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