Roe deer voice

roe deer voice (male)Yesterday, scouting out a new area for hiking, I wandered through the beech forest near Eski-Yurt. And in addition to three thousand mosquitoes and twenty ticks, I managed to meet a male roe deer (in the photo – a female). Moreover, I recorded the jumps and the amazing voice of the roe deer on video.

I walked along the path very quietly, and froze as soon as I heard a rustle behind the trees. Apparently, the animal sensed me and also froze, staring in my direction Trying to move as slowly as possible, I unzipped the case, took it out, turned it on, and with great difficulty aimed the camera. The male roe deer stood and watched all this time, as if giving me time to prepare. And only after making sure that the camera was turned on, he gave a voice (barked) and rushed off up the slope with high jumps.

Why not a peacock? In the sense that the little voice does not fit into the image of a small, timid and fragile forest cattle. You will hear such a barking with a crunch in the night forest and you will sharply change your mind about moving away from the fire :)

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