Hunter Thompson – Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

fear and loathing in Las VegasHonestly, I did not deliberately select books and the order in which they were read. But somehow, over the past month, I have read a whole bunch of “non-format” works with only a slight mistake with the chronology. “Fear and disgust” – adequately continued the selection, fully revealing the topic of dangerous drugs and drugs.For me, as a person who does not even drink beer, it was very interesting to get acquainted with the psychology and way of thinking of a junkie who was stoned to the limit. Before that, I knew about the habits of drug addicts only from jokes about stoned Cheburashka and disgustingly black domestic films of the early 90s (“Transpointing” and the film version of “Fear and Loathing” I really did not watch, and Castaneda’s books to drag experience is not directly related).frame from Fear and LoathingNow I’m starting to understand why… In short, the jokes about Cheburashka and Aaaa Crocodile finally got to me for real.The second discovery was the phenomenon of gonzo journalism. Those. I have seen individual manifestations of it before, but I never “notice” this style, and I did not guess to separate it into a separate class.There is so much autobiography and deadly frankness in “fear and disgust” that I directly associated the book with “Tropic of Cancer”< /a>.Separate phrases of the characters are just asking for a quote: drug suitcase from the game based on the book—As your lawyer, I advise you to take the fastest car without a top, cocaine, a tape recorder for special music, two brighter shirts , and get out of Los Angeles for at least two days.— We had 2 packs of weed, 75 mescaline tablets, 5 packs of acid, half a salt shaker of cocaine and a whole host of tranquilizers of all sorts and colors, as well as tequila, rum , a case of beer, a pint of pure ether, and amyl nitrate. Not that it was a necessary supply for the trip. But once you start collecting dope, it becomes hard to stop. The only thing that caused me concern was the ether. There is nothing more helpless, irresponsible and corrupted than ethereal zombies. I knew that sooner or later we would switch to this rubbish.

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