Ipad is not a computer, but a TV

ipad is not a computer but a TV Has everyone already “tried” the Ipad? Well done. I also tried today. I surfed a little, launched the applications, showed the child. And at every step of “testing” I invariably figured out which of my daily tasks could be applied to a toy from Apple.As a result, I came to the conclusion that the iPad is not a computer or even a laptop. By nature, it is closer to a TV, a game console or a smartphone, because it is adapted for consuming information, and not for creating and processing it.Consumption is a very important and pleasant direction, but personally, due to the specifics of work and my own character, I need the creative side of any electronic gadget more. I am a person who tried to keep a diary on a smartphone and edit videos on a netbook. I’m constantly trying to find a device that can meet my unlimited performance needs while being small enough, portable, rugged and plug-in-socket enough to accompany me on my travels.So, the iPad would be quite suitable for this role in many respects, but it would be difficult to prepare an article-report on it. Dropping, selecting and processing photos, typing and formatting text – these are tasks not for a tablet, not for a touchscreen without a mouse and keyboard.And yet, there is no doubt that sooner or later I will buy an iPad or its equivalent. For even if you do not make the tablet jump above your head, then there will be work for it. Lazily surfing on the couch, reading a PDF guide on the go, showing a cartoon to a child in the car, flipping through the price list right in the warehouse – a lot of work.It could become even bigger if a simple iPad application development tool appears. Then I would definitely make a touch-interface for my database (for more show-offs and more mobility).But even imagining all this, I still want more :)Greater speed and comfort of creating and processing information. And the obstacle to this is not the performance of the processor, but the amazing touch interface in its current form. I think this is a topic for a separate discussion.

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