How to make a Stone from Svetlakov?

a man or a stone? rather a gravestone :) The film Stone failed to pass the quality check (according to the method already known to you). I did not believe in what was happening on the screen, did not turn off the inner critic. Perhaps this is partly due to the fact that my phone required attention every 10 minutes, and thus did not allow me to dissolve into a sea of ​​​​dreams. And thank God! Before watching, I read the announcement, I knew that someone would be forced to choose, and I was afraid that the movie would thoroughly load, make me try on the skin of each of the characters. And since everything worked out, I was delighted and decided to write about the wonderful film Stone :)The first thing that caught my eye was the color scheme of the main characters. In order to make Stone out of Svetlakov, he was given exclusively black props. Vlad (Bald) has a light Lexus, Stone (Svetlakov) has a black jeep suitcase. Vlad has a colorful jacket and a white pullover, while Stone has something gloomy again. Vlad has a blonde wife, and Kamen found a brunette.In fact, the whole film comes down to this opposition of the two characters. The stone is vindictive, but Vlad forgot everything. Stone shot himself from fatigue, and Bald from love. One keeps the child under lock and key and teaches him to shoot at people, the other allows him to walk around the supermarket himself.Vlad (bald)They turned out to be very different, although the starting position for both was the same. It is especially funny to recall in this regard the scene when the boys run away from the orphanage and the little Stone diligently imitates little Vlad, repeating all his phrases, it seems about revenge. Vlad passed this stage, but Stone did not.It turns out that the main villain is just a very suggestible person. Once in childhood, having received a psychological attitude towards negativity from his idol, he did not move one iota for 30 years, he could not change. On the other hand, Stone actively tried to spread the teachings of the little bald-headed orphanage. He taught him his former teachers, a kidnapped boy, a stray girl, Vlad himself …Suddenly I had a new explanation for the name Stone. This person is like an asteroid – a stone in the airless space of weightlessness. Many millions of years ago, he was kicked by a boy running past, and since then the stone has been rushing through the Galaxy, knocking down everything in its path. He is heavy, blind and out of control. His freedom is illusory – the ring orbit makes you return to the experience again and again. Hence the deathly fatigue. It’s hard to be a rock if you’re human.

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