How to shoot from around the corner?

corner shot machine :)Everyone probably knows the story about a gun that shoots from around a corner simply because it was laid on its side… Everyone knows, but I forgot :) Remind me how it was, if not laziness.So, somehow chatting with friends, we got hooked on this very gun :) Ie. began to discuss a device for shooting from around the corner. We did it more for laughter than out of bloodthirsty interests. But today, all the same comrades sent me link to a real an example of such a wave. And it’s just enchanting pipets, in my opinion.Those. I have absolutely no doubt that a bunch of special forces keep this gadget in their arsenal, but they use it only when there is a “beating of babies” – a hundred special forces against one idiot terrorist. In a real (i.e., cinematically active) shootout ON EQUALS, it is better to hold a pistol in your hand, and not hang it on a hinge. It is somehow more mobile and more reliable. And for looking around the corner, you can use a mirror or fiber optic.The very statement of the problem – “to shoot from around the corner” seems strange to me. Not always because there is a suitable (reliable) angle. There is even less chance that the villain will sit (quietly and openly sit) around this corner. In any case, the first task is not to shoot (this can be done blindly), but to look. First around one corner, then around another… We need a miniature flying reconnaissance robot. The size of a computer mouse so that everyone can wear it on their belt and run it if necessary.And then …. You don’t think that I was seriously interested in the issues of improving weapons? No, I’m just having to shoot around a cornerFor a more serious approach to corner shooting, check out the article on weaponplace. ru. There are a lot of letters, I didn’t master everything, but I managed to catch something – the military does not hesitate to test any ideas, even the most crazy ones, in practice. Just to win. So the “Mad SWAT” (from the movie “The Men Who Stare at Goats”) must have really existed.And here is an anecdote about a gun:

A lecture on ballistics is given at the art school:Prep:- After the shot, the projectile flies along a parabola ...cadet:- Tov. Colonel, and if you put the gun on its side, can you shoot from around the corner?teacher (thoughtfully):- Well... Well... It is possible, but according to the charter it is not allowed!

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