Entertaining physics in the toilet

Golden toilet - this is exactly what I covered with a film so that it does not got dusty during renovationI am currently renovating my apartment and therefore I am constantly struggling with the ubiquitous dirt and dust. One of the stages of anti-dust defense is the usual thin polyethylene film, which covers everything in a row – furniture, appliances, pets and postmen.So, it turns out that if you cover the toilet flush tank with such a film, then when you press the “red button”, the water from the tank will flow for a long, long time, slowly, slowly, and with such strained gurgling, as if … I will not continue the comparison.Have you already guessed what’s the matter?The film prevents air from entering to take the place of the water trying to drain. A slight vacuum is formed, which “slows down” the discharge of water.fun toilet physicsIt’s all simple and clear when you already know the answer, but guess how long I was under the delusion that a freshly bought toilet was clogged (broken, dead, needs service, lost GPS signal, offended me for something)? More than a week! I didn’t even think to connect the “breakdown” with the appearance of a film on the tank. I was also in no hurry to disassemble the product in search of a malfunction. Trite stupid.But now we have to catch up. For example, you can write a series of notes “Entertaining physics”. Do not invent anything original – just continue experimenting with film and toilet, crossing them in different proportions. Stay tuned for news from the cutting edge of science!

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