Kyiv Circus – Scary, Fun, Funny

Last week I went with my family to the Kyiv circus for the program “Scary, Fun, Funny”. This was my first visit to the circus after a 5-year break, so I can say that I took a fresh look at what was happening and even understood something.I realized that no stereo 3d screens can replace the taste of reality. It’s one thing to look at movie stunts (knowing there’s a montage and rendering) and it’s quite another thing to see an acrobat with your own eyes (who immediately noticed that there was no insurance) . Even clowns are funnier when you see them live. It’s hard to explain, it’s like theater magic.Briefly about the memorable:Entertainer. In the Kiev circus, the desire for exotic is felt from the first seconds. A huge black man was invited as an entertainer (similar to Rammstein).Costumes. As I said, the Kyiv circus is trying to keep up with the times. They work not only for children, but also for adults (or is it the tastes of children now). This is me to the fact that frank costumes in the presentation are immeasurable.Clowns. My wife doesn’t like clowns since childhood. But to my sincere surprise, it was the clowns that she liked the most. The jokes, of course, are simple (kicking a neighbor, for example), but it was really funny, as promised in the title of the show.Tamers. Tigers are tigers in Africa too. I watched with curiosity the work of trainers, noticed their communication with animals and for some reason sincerely sympathized with them all. It seems to me that it is most difficult for trainers and their wards to come up with something new. They are the most inertial component of the circus show.P.S. The child, for whom we actually came to the circus, slept through half of the performance or spent his back to the stage, because he felt bad. However, the offer to leave the hall and go home was repeatedly refused.

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