How the yogurt maker works

how the yogurt maker worksI already started talking about making yogurt, but then too early I was distracted by verbiage and did not have time to tell you the most important thing – the principle of the yogurt maker.

Before getting to know yogurt makers, for some reason I was sure that, like most electronic goods in the 21st century, they are full of not very necessary “bells and whistles” (like the “Child lock” button on a two-meter refrigerator). But it turned out that yogurt makers lack not only superfluous functions, but also the most necessary ones.

So most of them are devoid of a shutdown timer. As a result, I have to set an alarm to “sleep through” and the yogurt does not turn into cottage cheese. Worse, I have not yet seen a single yogurt maker with a temperature sensor inside the chamber. This most important indicator is not controlled in any way, it does not smell of feedback. They sell just a heating element.

Individual Kulibin enthusiasts, of course, manage to solder a temperature sensor with a regulator on their own. But why shouldn’t the manufacturer do it all? All this electronics costs a little, but it would be easier to sell such a “fancy” yogurt maker.

Indeed, in current models, the principle of operation of a yogurt maker (maintain a given temperature for a given time) can be realized only with the help of dancing with a tambourine.

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