I bought anti-rain – now I suffer

AntirainToday it was so raining in Kyiv that driving a car turned into torture – glass and mirrors covered with drops of water stopped supplying me with information, but only tried to cheer me up with sparkling lights.

I endured (peered intensely at this sea of ​​lights), endured (rebuilt at random), endured (prayed to God that an idiot with the headlights off was not found on this road) and could not stand it – I drove to a gas station and bought Anti-Rain.

Why suffer? Rejoice!

It is assumed that Anti-Rain will change the properties of the treated surface and water will roll off the glasses, and not spread over them.

One snag – the instructions say that the Anti-Rain agent should be applied to dry and clean glass. And how do you dry them if it rains, like from a bucket?

Okay, mirrors – you can stand over them with an umbrella for 5 minutes. Although my feet will definitely get wet during this time and I will need an anti-cold. How do I dry my windshield? Three umbrellas?

Of course, you can find some supermarket with covered parking and carry out the procedure there. But I’m running out of time without this. I’d better go to sleep – with the hope that the rain will stop in the morning and the issue will be resolved by itself.

And in any case, I will try the anti-rain, I didn’t buy it in vain.

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