Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie review

Potter with glasses and slightly unshaven looking for Gifts DeathI used to read reviews to see if a movie is worth watching (reading a book, etc.). But in the case of films about Harry Potter and the elf, it is clear that everyone will watch it anyway. Why then write a review of the Deathly Hallows?I am doing this to help you get in the right mindset before watching this movie.So, put on a warm knitted sweater, tie a scarf, prepare a thermos with sweet tea… What else would you like to add so cozy?… Ah! Wrap yourself up in a blanket and get ready to sit up all night with a book. Sitting by a long-extinguished fireplace and despite the draft and the suffering of the heroes, constantly feel wrapped in their warmth and friendship. I continue to feel it now.Hermione and Ron at the pianoI asked my wife what she feels – it turned out that a slight disappointment. After watching the trailers, she was wary of action, but there was none.There were a lot of funny moments (I did not expect it myself). There were wonderful, colorful actors of the second or even third plan. There were interesting costumes (both fabulous and ordinary everyday ones). There was a wonderful, in my opinion, cartoon retelling the legend of the Deathly Hallows.And there was no action.motorcycle raceTrue, at first, during the chase on the highway, it seemed to me that Matrix-2 was about to begin to end. But I, tired after a hard day’s work, wanted peace. And I found it.tent in a beech forestLonely tent in the middle of a beech forest. There I felt at home (you know what I do) and could calmly wait with the characters of the film. I was not bothered by “calm” scenes, long panoramas (I want to go to England, or where it was all filmed) and other “beautifulness”.Have you changed your mind about going to Potter yet?I’ll tell you about one more charm of this film – cutie Voldemort in the scene of the meeting of the dark forces. He’s played great. No malice and roar, only the lulling softness of a boa constrictor, offering you to climb into his mouth yourself. The perfect villain.session at voldemortaHe also holds a wand in a completely inimitable way. Very elegant. And stylish black raincoats for all the villains. Like it or not, the dark side of the force has its own aesthetics and charm.And at the same time, it is clearly seen that Voldemort’s associates are guided solely by fear and, when barefoot is nearby, they are only miserable reptiles, not an ounce of coolness.I liked (I know that many will not agree with this) how the director conveyed the atmosphere of the new power in the Ministry of Magic. Hitler, Stalin, Antichrist and Big Brother from “1984” would envy the wonderful atmosphere of total lies and fear reigning in the world of wizards.elf without pants, bow and hairstyle Although if we are talking about associations, then in the first place, of course, “The Lord of the Rings”. The heroes so diligently portray the suffering Frodo with a ring around his neck, and one of the villains in the forest looks so much like an urukkhai that it becomes incomprehensible that the chic platinum hair was given to the villain, and the noble elf walks without pants (and without a bow).Kirill YaskoZ.Y. I read a couple reviews of others authors and once again made sure that everyone finds in this world what they want to find.

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